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Growing a business is hard. We make it easier, less stressful, and a lot more profitable by helping you build your own lead-generation engine.

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Five Stars
Hicham Toumache

"Hands down the best online course I've ever signed up for. Soltane is great at explaining ideas and concepts in great detail making it easy to understand very quickly."

- Hicham (Oracle)

Five Stars
Chris Khoury

"Our pipeline has doubled since working with Division50. Our team has been able to grow and we have been able to bring onboard more consultants to support our projects. It's very important to deliver on your promises and this is exactly what Soltane has done.

- Chris (SiteSeeTech)

Five Stars

"I highly recommend working with Division50 because my experience has been very great. whether it's technology, advertising, or sales they are experts all around"

- Bruno (DeliFood Group)

What Is Modern-Day-Sales Expert?

Modern-Day-Sales Expert is an online course perfect for business leaders and sales experts seeking to skyrocket their lead generation in the dynamic B2B technology space - without any ad spend or agency hire.


Modern Day sales Expert

Complete sales outreach and lead generation program to scale your growth.

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Summary of the Modern Day Sales Expert Course Process

Summary of the Modern Day Sales Expert Course Process

Modern-Day Sales Expert Curriculum



  • How to identify your ideal customer profile
  • How to use Linkedin Sales Navigator
  • How to use Apollo.io



  • Crafting effective messages
  • Choosing the right channels
  • Outreach automation
  • Measuring results
  • Nurturing opportunities


Closing Deals

  • Most effective sales techniques
  • How to conduct discovery and qualification calls
  • Building a rock-solid offer
  • How to build your proposal
  • Forging your negotiation skills
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What's Included In The Program?

What's Included In The Program?
Ready to use message templates
Complete lead generation checklist

Just like pilots use checklists to ensure they don't miss anything important, we believe in taking a systematic approach when building a lead generation engine. That's why we have created a modern-day lead generation action checklist to guide you through the process step-by-step and ensure that you take all the necessary actions to build a successful lead generation engine.

Because, as we always say, it's taking action that leads to results, not just consuming information.

Our Approach

Division50 Services

What Makes Our Approach Better ?

Intelligent Prospecting

Optimize your prospecting accuracy by utilizing the latest technology to reach anyone in the world.

Automated Sequential Outreach

Drastically increase your outreach numbers while saving time on repetitive manual tasks.

Tracking & Reporting

Smart Tracking & Reporting

From start to finish, keep track performance while split testing in effort to optimize campaigns.

Meet Your Instructor.

Hello, my name is Soltane Yousfi, I am the founder of CAASCOM, which is a group of companies with a set purpose to help businesses and individuals realize their full potential.

Division50 is our latest venture that specializes in sales engagement optimization and lead generation for B2B Tech companies.

Become Our Next Success Story

Don't listen to what I say, listen to what some of the people we've worked with have to say about us.

Chris Khoury


"It's very important as a service provider to deliver on your promises, which is what Soltane and team have done so far. They instill confidence in you and if you've got something great that you want to create then this system will help you do that ."

Bruno Quesada

Deli Foods Group

"Since we started working together we have seen a massive increase in profits in my company, and we have also implemented a five-year strategy to keep scaling exponentially."

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