Pipedrive - a tool salespeople love

Pipedrive has been developed from the salesperson’s point of view and is therefore an exceptional CRM. We chose Pipedrive as our main product because it has great features that improve sales performance.

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Advantages of using Pipedrive

Pipedrive was awarded as the 'Easiest to Use' CRM system in 2020, thanks to its user-friendly interface and intuitive features. With Pipedrive, everything from activity reporting to goal tracking is simple and enjoyable. Additionally, the mobile application is excellent, allowing you to manage tasks on the go.

Pipedrive can be customized to meet your organization's unique needs, without unexpected license level increases or hidden costs. Plus, the Campaigns add-on for Pipedrive lets you handle your marketing tasks without using any other software or platforms.

Pipedrive easiest to use CRM

Pipedrive in summary

Pipedrive acts as a personal assistant for sales reps and gives management useful information.

The system's automation and insight capabilities make it a highly efficient sales tool. Automations streamline manual tasks, freeing up time for more critical responsibilities. Meanwhile, Insights makes it easy to track progress and report on it, giving sales management quick access to important data and information.

Pipedrive reporting


Pipedrive is customizable with various add-ons to suit your organization's needs. Our experienced development team can create custom integrations if needed to streamline your workflow.

Pipedrive add-ons

Boost your lead generation and increase conversion rates with LeadBooster, which features the following tools:

  • Chatbot
  • Live Chat
  • Prospector
  • Web Forms

Campaigns by Pipedrive

An email marketing tool that simplifies the creation of beautiful emails and enables the direct sending of email campaigns from Pipedrive. With no need for separate contact databases, the sales team can view results immediately. Ready-made templates are available, and you can easily create your templates with drag-and-drop elements.

Projects by Pipedrive

Not all valuable customer information is obtained during the sales cycle. In fact, the real work with the customer begins after a sale is won. That's why Pipedrive has Projects, a tool for managing projects that is both effective and easy to use. Projects lets you keep track of tasks, progress, activities, and files and emails.

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