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For you, we create and publish engaging LinkedIn content that expands your personal brand and drives potential customers to message you. Network creation and profile optimization done for you.


Become an influencer on LinkedIn.


Businesses with well-liked CEOs and leaders attract more candidates and free inbound leads. which leads to much less spend on marketing and hiring.


You'll notice that possibilities for sales, PR, hiring, and relationship development present themselves as you continuously share high-quality content and daily add qualified contacts.


Like an active and constantly updated email list, all the contacts and followers you make remain with you forever. You may constantly share new services with your friends through posts and free messages.


LinkedIn is the top social network for business professionals, home to active CEOs, executives, and staff from a wide range of sectors who are wanting to network, learn about new services, hire talent, and form partnerships.


How we use content to drive leads

We use data from thousands of campaigns and posts to mold your expertise into content formulas that perform extraordinarily well on LinkedIn, even if you don't have a big network yet.



We know just what to ask you to elicit responses that help spread information online.


Viral Content

We design LinkedIn posts that are well-researched, competent, and effective.


Build Network

We invite connections so that more potential customers can view your material.


Get Opportunities

You will be notified when leads like, reply, or message you, so you can pitch them.

Best ghostwriters on LinkedIn.

Your industry is a specialty of our writers'. Continuous optimization is required to create the best LinkedIn content strategy. Allow our professionals to assist you in finding untapped sales possibilities so you may close more business.


Subject matter expertise

We're more than just writers. We'll teach you how to increase engagement and master LinkedIn's algorithm,

Lead Magnet

Proven Writters

Once your campaign has started, you can then expect dozens or even hundreds of hot leads per month, all generated on auto-pilot.

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Leading companies' are utilizing Division50 to attract sales opportunities and maintain a constant presence in front of their prospects.

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I am the founder of CAASCOM, which is a group of companies with a set purpose to help businesses and individuals realize their full potential.

Division50 is our latest venture that specializes in sales process optimization and lead generation for B2B companies.

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"Since we started working together we have seen a massive increase in profits in my company, and we have also implemented a five-year strategy to keep scaling exponentially."